Thinner Keyboard Developed by iKey

SL-86-911-TP-FL keyboard
The new iKey SL-86-911-TP-FL keyboard (top) is thinner than the original SL-86-911-TP (bottom).

The SL-86-911-TP keyboard is designed for use in public safety vehicles and is compatibility with most vehicle mounting systems, including those found in ambulances, police and command vehicles and fire apparatus.

“The casing for our original SL-86-911-TP is too large for some existing vehicle-mount systems that currently use TG3-brand keyboards,” said Joel East, director of business development and technical design for iKey, based in Austin, Texas. “The thinner version can serve as a direct replacement for those keyboards as they lose keys or wear out.”

The new, thinner model of the keyboard is called the SL-86-911-TP-FL and measures 12 inches wide by 7.75 inches high by 1.125 inches deep. It is nearly three quarters of an inch thinner.

“The original model is still available,” East said. “The thinner version is for customers who have an existing vehicle-mount system that would be too expensive to replace at the same time they are trying to replace their keyboards.”

Both of the SL-86-911-TP keyboards feature a programmable emergency key, backlighting for low-light environments and an integrated touchpad, which are resistant to dirt, dust and spills.

iKey designs, manufactures and sells sealed, rugged keyboards for industrial, kiosk, public safety, medical and military environments. All iKey products are designed to function in harsh conditions. Established in 1989, iKey is known as an innovator of industrial computer peripherals.

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