Tenzinga Honors Leadership Award Winners

 Tenzinga Honors Leadership Award Winners

Left inset: Deputy Chief Shawn Hanson and Bob Norton. Center: Bob Norton, Lieutenant Michael Cruz, Deputy Chief Shawn Hanson, and Battalion Chief Matt Trent. Right inset: Chief Kingman Schuldt and Bob Norton.

Tenzinga awarded its first Excellence in Leadership Award to leaders of the Greater Naples (FL) Fire Rescue District on Feb. 24, 2017, at the Greater Naples Fire Rescue District Awards Banquet. The awards were given to Battalion Chief Andy Krajewski, Battalion Chief Matt Trent, Lieutenant Mike Cruz, and Deputy Chief Shawn Hanson. Deputy Chief Shawn Hanson received the Tenzinga Excellence in Leadership for overall leadership.

The awards were determined based on a number of factors, including an online survey from all employees who nominated the top leader, a Tenzinga audit of all leaders using the Tenzinga Employee Performance Management system, and input from Fire Chief Kingman Schuldt. 

Tenzinga Excellence in Leadership Award criteria includes:

  • Leaders who empower employees most effectively this year 
  • Utilization of Tenzinga 
  • Individual departmental impact
  • Special circumstances of demonstrated leadership

Deputy Chief Hanson was recognized as the overall top leader for the Tenzinga Excellence in Leadership Award because of her department’s recognition of the ways she empowers employees. Feedback on Deputy Chief Hanson included:

  • “Deputy Chief Hanson has a great cohesive team. She has earned the respect of her team members and she has been named Fire Marshal of the Year on 3 separate occasions for her excellent leadership abilities.”
  • “Deputy Chief Hanson consistently utilized the platform to coach, mentor and lead members of her team. She has utilized Tenzinga to significantly enhance communications, transparency and teamwork within her Section.”
  • “Deputy Chief Hanson provided me the guidance, leadership, time, and most of all patience in teaching me the importance on the Tenzinga program. She has shown me how important the Tenzinga program and how it could be a vital tool. Also, she is leading by example by using the program herself for her division by setting goals and entering logs. Deputy Chief Hanson encourages us on a weekly basis to provide feedback on the program and performing tasks in the program itself.”

The Greater Naples Fire Rescue District was also recognized as the Organization of the Year for the Tenzinga Excellence in Leadership Award.

“Chief Kingman Schuldt has exemplified what great leadership looks like in his commitment to consistency, communication and continuous improvement. The leaders of Greater Naples Fire Rescue District consistently work with their employees to be the best in their various positions and roles within the department,” said Bob Norton, Tenzinga CEO/Founder. “The accountability and follow up of the leaders in relationship to their teams has been outstanding. Tenzinga is honored to have given their first Tenzinga Excellence in Leadership Award to the leaders of Greater Naples Fire Rescue District.”

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