TenCate Adds New Flame-Resistant Fabric

TenCate has added a new product to its family – the TenCate Tecasafe Plus high-visibility fabric. The product was developed in response to recent changes in some safety standards for high-visibility, flame-resistant (FR) clothing.

Until now, most high-visibility fabrics were not inherently flame resistant. The new fabric meets or exceeds respected protective clothing standards, including the National Fire Protection Association 2112 standard on flame-resistant garments and the 1977 standard on protective clothing for wildland firefighting.

Marketing manager Elliad Granger said the fabric is lightweight, versatile and yellow, ideal for use in FR protective shirts, jackets and coveralls. “Because it is both highly visible and flame-resistant,” he said, “it eliminates the hassle of adding an additional high-visibility component, such as a vest.”

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