Streamlight Rechargeable LED Lanterns

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The E-Flood LiteBox

Streamlight, Inc., a leading manufacturer of high-performance flashlights for fire and rescue personnel, recently introduced the E-Flood LiteBox and E-Flood FireBox industrial-duty, rechargeable portable lanterns, featuring C4 power LED technology.  

“These rugged, dependable lanterns use advanced LED technology to provide even brighter flood light than our popular LiteBox and FireBox models, for a wide variety of emergency applications, such as lighting up an area during a search or arson investigation, or illuminating an accident scene under low light conditions,” said Streamlight President Ray Sharrah. “They also deliver exceptionally long runtimes, while offering the economy of rechargeable lights.”

Sharrah said the E-Flood models each use six LEDs and wide pattern parabolic reflectors to produce a smooth, uniform flood pattern. Both feature jumper selectable high and low settings to allow selection of more light output or increased runtime.

On the high setting, the E-Flood models provide 4,000 candela peak beam intensity and 615 lumens measured system output over a distance of more than 400 feet. On the low setting, they provide 2,150 candela peak beam intensity and 330 lumens measured system output. Run time is up to 8 hours on the high setting and up to 18 hours on the low setting, over a distance of more than 300 feet.

The C4 LEDs are impervious to shock and have a 50,000-hour lifespan. Red and green LEDs provide charge status. All models use a zero-maintenance, 6-volt 12Ah sealed lead acid battery, which is rechargeable up to 500 times.

All models measure 11.5 inches, weigh 7.9 pounds, and include a high-impact, ABS thermoplastic housing with a rubberized impact bumper, lens ring and cushioned-grip handle that facilitates gripping them with gloves. All E-Flood models fit existing Streamlight LiteBox chargers.

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