s.QUAD Voice: Best in Class

New Swissphone voice pager

Swissphone has developed a new s.QUAD Voice pager called s.QUAD Voice 360 that has a rotary knob that controls volume and switches between alerting modes. As with the normal s.QUAD Voice, the s.QUAD Voice 360 can be upgraded by a firmware update to a digital paging receiver (POCSAG), or it can work in both modes in parallel as a single device.

The table compares the essential performance characteristics of the most current pagers available in the US. It indicates that the s.QUAD Voice is best when it comes to:

  • Extremely Robust: Protection class and drop test, providing the ruggedness and quality for it to last.
  • Best Reception, allowing you to extend the coverage of your network.
  • Loudest of them all, making this device among the loudest in the world.
  • Multi-color alert, its multi-colored alarm LED allows recognizing an alarm even in mute mode.
  • Longest Battery Life of up to a week (160 hours) with an ordinary AA (R6) battery.
  • Size and weight, providing a design that is comfortable for any user to wear


For more information, CLICK HERE or download this whitepaper.

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