Sometimes Pictures Can Tell the Story

Manufacturers have come up with many ways to store and dispense absorbent material.
Manufacturers have come up with many ways to store and dispense absorbent material. If you are running a rescue unit, you should be carrying this stuff in an easy to refill and use container or system.
Pierce’s new ladder for Twin Valley Fire Department had just about everything a young firefighter could want – twin Mars lights, a Roto Ray, Federal Q, a front scene light and an American flag on the grill. It’s like we have gone to the big fire truck haven in the sky.
 Rosenbauer 102-foot Raptor
Who says you cannot get an aerial on a commercial chassis? This Rosenbauer 102-foot Raptor mounted on a four-door Freightliner was delivered to New Berlin, Wis (Photo by Todd McBride)
This E-ONE for Mission Fire Company in New Jersey was custom gold leaf striped and lettered by Danz. For the purists like me, this is beautiful, but unfortunately it is a dying art. Make sure the person doing the reflective striping doesn’t forget the requirement for reflective striping on the front of the rig.
rig is short
As with most new trucks, there are good and bad things to talk about. The good: this rig is short and therefore maneuverable; it has a rear mounted pump with a well laid out, covered pump panel; and it has a traffic direction device, good scene lighting and lots of reflective striping. The questionable items. Gawd, it’s high. A fall from the top of this truck would be serious. There is no easy way to get the ladders out of or back in the storage area. Ditto for the hard suction hoses. Attaching hoses to discharges that are 9 to 10 feet off the ground is difficult at best. The department better have a good bridle if they intend to pull the rig out of a ditch as the tow loops are very close to the pump enclosure.
Memphis Squirrel Tails
Shades of the “Memphis Squirrel Tails,” except this one goes backward instead of to the front and around the grill. It offers a quick set-up for operations from portable tanks. (Fire Apparatus Photo by Bob Barraclough)
Stainless plumbing
Stainless plumbing is becoming more prevalent as it will not rust, has better flow characteristics and is more resistant to leaks than cast iron pipe and threaded fittings. (Todd McBride Photo)
simulated gold-plated lug nuts
I had thought I had seen it all, but these simulated gold-plated lug nuts take the prize. They have to be worth big bucks at the trading table when negotiating for bells, Roto Rays or Q sirens.
Rosenbauer built this "Big Pete"
Rosenbauer built this “Big Pete” for North Bailey, NY. Man, this looks like a truck. It has a 10,000-watt generator, crosslays under the rear seat (nice and low), front suction, special swivel out and down air pack brackets for eight packs and a 1,500-gpm pump. (Fire Apparatus Photo by Bob Barraclough)

Many helpful hints get left on the cutting room floor as editors and layout artists do their thing. This month I have gone back and picked up some of the pictures that have been cut from my previous columns because they have an important message or offer something that may be helpful to our readers when they are specifying their new apparatus.
The enforcement of the 2010 Environmental Protection Agency requirement for engines is only a few weeks away, and it is amazing that not all parties are ready for this important change. Cummins seems to have its act together, Navistar International is betting on its engineers to finish development of a system that doesn’t require urea injection and Detroit Diesel, in conjunction with Pierce, is ready with their SCR package.

VDR Requirement

The next edition of the National Fire Protection Association 1906 standard (wildland vehicles) is moving toward adoption, and it does include a requirement for the vehicle data recorder (VDR). I voted against this in both 1901 and 1906 deliberations, but the majority has ruled in favor of keeping this specialized device. Don’t jump on the manufacturers on this one; it was driven by the fire service personnel on the 1901 committee.
With the weak economy and declining municipal budgets, look for one or more of the apparatus manufacturers to close in 2010. Please ensure you are protected with the requirement for bonding on all new apparatus contracts. Happy Holidays to all!
Editor’s Note: Bob Barraclough is a 50-year veteran of the fire service and fire manufacturing industry. He is chief columnist for Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment magazine and a 20-year member of the NFPA 1901 Fire Apparatus Standards Committee. A principal organizer of the annual FDSOA Apparatus Specification Symposium, he is also a past president of the Fire Apparatus Manufacturers Association. Barraclough serves as a consultant to Rosenbauer America and is called upon as an expert witness in litigation involving fire industry products. His career includes executive positions at E-ONE, Hale Fire Pumps, National Foam, Span Instruments and Class 1.

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