Setcom Releases the First Fire Wireless Headset with Direct Cell Phone Integration

Austin, TX –Setcom® Corporation, a manufacturer of intercom systems and headsets for fire apparatus, today released the latest innovation in public safety vehicle and fire ground communications. This advance allows the Liberator wireless headset to directly connect to most Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones..

With the simple touch of a button, the Liberator headset connects to a Bluetooth-enabled cell phone. It is easy to use and allows numerous ways for public safety personnel to communicate. The Liberator headset now becomes a command center on your head. Users can connect to:

  • Up to three mobile radios
  • A portable radio
  • A cell phone
  • Apparatus intercom system
  • Entertainment audio source plugged into System 900 intercom or System 1300 intercom

The applications of this newest technology are vast and include:

  • Interfacing a cell phone into a Battalion Chief’s vehicle command post communication system
  • Allowing paramedics to easily speak over the phone with doctors while en route to the hospital
  • Adding cell phone capabilities to a mobile command center intercom system
  • Communicating with non-traditional information sources while on the fire ground

In addition to directly connecting the Liberator headset to a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone, Setcom offers two other ways to connect to these types of devices:

  1. Full Intercom Connection: The RSM-900CPI allows all intercom users to hear the audio from a cell phone and radio-transmit positions to speak to the phone. Easily switch between radios and the phone or monitor them all simultaneously.
  2. Single Intercom Position Connection: The CPI-900SYS2 allows a user of any Setcom wired or wireless headset to hear and transmit to a Bluetooth device.

Because Setcom uses Bluetooth technology, it was the first and only company to pioneer this direct connection innovation for the fire service. No other current wireless vendor of fire apparatus communications systems will be able to replicate this feature because they do not use the Bluetooth standard in their headsets.

Other features include:

  • Only wireless headset to have direct to cell phone integration.
  • Up to 30 hours of battery life. For extra safety, 25% longer life than competitive systems.
  • Only wireless headset to have “Instant On” technology which saves time on the way to the scene.
  • Only wireless headset to integrate a portable radio allowing for multiple channel monitoring.
  • Only wireless system with the flexibility of the Aerial Advantage Antenna.
  • Only Setcom uses Bluetooth technology, as opposed to DECT6, for voice transmission.
    • DECT (Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) is a European standard designed for non-critical, cordless phone systems for residential, in-home use.
    • Bluetooth operates over 2.4GHz which is a proven frequency band free from the interference of powerful cell phone transmission technology. DECT6 operates at 1.9GHz, which is sandwiched between the high powered transmit and receive 1.9GHz frequency bands that most major cellular carriers use in the United States. Thus the 1.9GHz frequency band has the potential to have significant interference.
    • Bluetooth technology’s 128-bit encryption is also much greater than DECT6’s 64-bit encryption which gives Setcom’s users increased security and peace of mind.
    • Liberator system lets you put antennas where you want them in the fire apparatus. Some DECT implementations require that the antennas be attached to the window of the apparatus thus decreasing visibility for drivers and passengers. Setcom’s Bluetooth implementation gives users much more flexibility in the positioning of the antennas in the vehicle.

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