Secure Texting Served as Trusted Communication Link During Earthquake in Mineral (VA)

WASHINGTON – Aug. 23, 2011 – Untold numbers of people lost cellular phone service as a result of the 5.8 magnitude earthquake centered in Mineral, Virginia on Tuesday, August 23rd.

Users of ProtectedSMS™, a secure, mobile text messaging product of Virginia-based Protected Mobility, were able to stay connected with the added assurance that their communications were protected from interception or spoofing via the company’s patent pending encryption technology.

“The SMS channel serves as a vital link at times of crisis. During the 9/11 terrorist attacks and even during this year’s tsunami in Japan, people were able to communicate via text when there was no voice service,” said William J. Marlow, security expert and founder of Protected Mobility. “But executives in government, military, law enforcement and critical infrastructure industries can’t depend on unprotected text messages because they are so easily compromised. Our customers require the highest degree of security and privacy, especially during a crisis.”

Protected Mobility has more than 20,000 customers around the globe. Its clients, whose identities the company keeps private, include first responders as well as executives in the banking, energy and healthcare fields.

A free 14-day trial version of ProtectedSMS for BlackBerry or Android phones is available at


Protected Mobility™ is a privately held mobile security technology company based in Virginia. The company develops highly reliable and scalable security solutions for protecting mobile communications that are easy to install, use and manage. Protected Mobility products include ProtectedSMS™ for secure, encrypted text messaging on BlackBerry, Android, iPhone and iPad, To learn more, visit
CONTACT: Protected Mobility Sales at 1-571-237-7040 

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