Scott’s Facepiece Provides Dual Respiratory Protection

air-purifying respirator with chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN)
Scott’s M120 CBRN facepiece provides first responders with protection from everyday hazards as well as CBRN threats. (Scott Photo)

Scott Health & Safety has developed an air-purifying respirator with chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) protection for the “everyday” work applications first responders face.

The new facepiece is called M120 CBRN and is based on Scott’s M98 facepiece.

Dirty bombs, terrorism and suspicious powders are all potential threats to the safety of communities and the responsibility of first responders to identify, mitigate and diffuse, according to Scott. Because each of these responses can potentially involve chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear agents, first responders need CBRN protection against these deadly airborne contaminants, in addition to the respiratory protection they need on a daily basis.

The new M120 CBRN facepiece, when used with the Scott CBRN canister, allows first responders to confidently work in CBRN environments. Because it can be used with Scott’s 40mm cartridges, it has expanded work applications.

“The possibility of CBRN attacks continues today,” says Luanne Freund, Scott’s marketing manager for domestic preparedness. “Since Sept. 11, local, state and federal governments have identified CBRN readiness as a priority for first responders.”

Freund said that the new respirator gives first responders flexibility because they no longer need a facepiece for both CBRN responses and for daily duties. “One Scott M120 CBRN facepiece will do the job of two,” she said, noting the new unit offers all the protection required of CBRN environments and stands up to everyday use.

Its two-piece construction of hypoallergenic, halobutyl rubber mask and silicone nose cup materials makes the M120 CBRN facepiece simple to disinfect, decontaminate and maintain, according to the maker. It also provides the user with maximum comfort and excellent permeation resistance to a wide variety of toxic industrial materials (TIMS) and CBRN agents.

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