Scott Safety Celebrates 80 Years of Fire and Detection Technology Innovation

Scott Safety, a subsidiary of Tyco International, is celebrating 80 years in development and manufacture of fire protection and detection equipment and technology.

Tyco just completed a three-way split of its operating companies, anchoring Scott’s development and manufacturing role in fire protection and life safety products around the world.

The company’s approach to product development and purpose-driven innovation has positioned the company as a provider to major metropolitan fire departments, military forces, homeland security and other “first responder” organizations including the New York City Fire Department, the US Navy and the United Kingdom Ministry of Defense.

Scott develops and produces monitoring and sensor equipment and other protective solutions for first responders, law enforcement, military and civil defense/homeland security, as well as emergency services in agricultural/forestry industries, petroleum, oil and gas sector and chemical, construction and industrial environments.

Scott Safety currently produces more than 300 products and serves significant segments of the global civil and military defense markets, industrial safety, oil and gas, maritime and other industrial safety environments.

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