Ridgefield Plans to Update Radio Systems

To update and coordinate the aging mix-and-match radio systems of Ridgefield (CT), a communications task force has been charged with delivering a “master plan” for inclusion in the 2013-14 budget, reports The Ridgefield Press.

A budget for the plan has not been set but there was a unanimous vote for a task force to study the problems and recommend solutions.

Several factors drive the initiative:

  • An aging two-way radio infrastructure with outdated technologies
  • A lack of tactical interoperability among public safety and response agencies
  • An industry move away from VHF low band frequencies by public safety and response agencies
  • The FCC reallocation of segments of the radio frequency spectrum to public safety and response radio technologies that have moved away from analog systems and toward digital technologies.

Currently, each of the five town departments represented on the committee communicates on its own system.

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