Red Lion Adds WiFi to Mobile Solutions for First Responders

York, PA – Red Lion Controls  announced that the company has added WiFi capabilities to its Sixnet MobilityPro 5000 line of industrial cellular modems. With the addition of 802.11 b/g wireless local area network (WLAN) functionality, the MobilityPro 5000 enables wireless communication with WiFi-equipped devices that include laptops, smartphones, medical data transmitters, fingerprint readers and more.

The MobilityPro 5000 is ideally suited for in-vehicle public safety, first responder and fleet automation scenarios where high-speed communication is vital. Providing embedded GPS, 3G cellular and  advanced event reporting functionality in a rugged package, the MobilityPro 5000 can be utilized by police, ambulance and other fleets that require “always on” connectivity.

WiFi enables first responders to automatically connect to in-vehicle modems without using a physical cable. As a result, public safety professionals are now able to use handheld devices to print and issue tickets from outside the vehicle, and paramedics can immediately send and receive vital data about a patient without returning to the ambulance. This increases efficiency and enables faster response times in emergency situations.

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