RealView’s CommandScope

Ten departments in Pennsylvania and several in the Chicago area are using new software to retrieve critical data and information from the station while en route to and while at emergency scenes.

CommandScope is an electronic version of pre-plans allowing a more expansive building view in an easy-to-use format. Critical information including location maps, floor plans, photographs and even videos can be viewed on the way to emergency scenes, according to the maker. This eliminates guesswork and allows the firefighters to be attentive to emergency specifics.

Pre-Plan Retrieval

RealView’s CommandScope allows firefighters to retrieve accurate and easy-to-use pre-plans instantly. It also can be used for digital occupancy inspections, creating and updating emergency pre-plans frequently and immediately.

The software also has the ability to import drawings and blueprints, allowing a visual representation of an area.

It offers secured interoperability, allowing other fire departments to access pre-plans during an emergency and to establish a safe fireground using the proper firefighting tactics.

According to the designer, a unique feature of CommandScope is a web-based interface for homeowners in the community to provide basic pre-plan information to the fire department in case of a home emergency.

Historically, there has always been plenty of information about commercial properties and businesses in a fire department’s response area, but virtually nothing on private dwellings and residences. With CommandScope, residents are able to volunteer information, via the Internet, stating how many adults and children live in a home, who will need extra assistance, garage door codes and other information that may be useful to first responders at the scene. All the information is kept under high security, according to the program designer.

Stephen J. Nardi, The Nardi Group president and CEO, is a longtime developer, manager and property owner throughout metropolitan Chicago, and became a RealView principle after learning about the technology. Nardi frequently worked with fire departments on safety issues, watching them gather and record critical data on paper.

Saving Lives

“When RealView’s CommandScope was introduced to me, I immediately recognized its importance,” said Nardi.  “At times, for a number of reasons, the fire department data was not available during emergencies, which can result in greater fire damage and even loss of lives. CommandScope can serve to prevent this.”

Most properties have inspections, however, the majority are accomplished with pad and pencil and then are either typed or handed to an information technology department to enter into its records.

With RealView CommandScope, immediately upon the completion of an inspection on a mobile tablet, the results are conveyed to those chosen to receive the information without the inaccuracies or delays that often accompany retyping and data entry.

A Valuable Tool

Mark Bozik is deputy chief of the North Aurora (Ill.) Fire Department, and an early CommandScope user. He said he and his department are impressed with the software.

“It has proven to be a valuable tool,” Bozik said. “When we get an emergency call, we can’t afford to fumble around with paper or a computer program that’s hard to use. CommandScope allows us to retrieve critical data and floor-plans at the emergency scene in a quick and easy way.”

Fire departments in St. Charles, and Park Ridge, Ill., are also using CommandScope.

RealView, a technology company based in Chicago, provides portable software solutions for the real estate, retail and emergency industries. With an easy-to-use interface and software that handles everything from emergency plans to building floor plans, RealView users can update and share information in real-time, rather than going through a typical paper-and-clipboard process.

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