RAE Systems Makes Toxic Gas Monitor Calibration Station

RAE Systems’ new AutoRAE Lite calibration station manages data for the QRAE II 1-4-gas confined space monitor.

“The AutoRAE Lite simplifies the daily bump test process by testing alarms for oxygen, hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide and lower explosive limit sensors, all in one 12-second test,” said Randy Fuson, the company’s portable instruments product manager.

A built-in demand-flow gas system eliminates accidental calibration gas leaks. The system can load calibration data to an SD-memory card, which then can be offloaded to a computer. The  AutoRAE Lite is available in two configurations: one for use with the QRAE II and one for use with a ToxiRAE monitor. 

RAE Systems is a global provider of rapidly deployable sensor networks that identify safety and security threats in real time. For information, go to www.RAESystems.com.

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