Patented ECK Coating Available in Squeeze Tubes

Van Nay Corporation has added squeeze tubes to its patented line of ECK corrosion prevention coatings, which have been sold in aerosol form and as a liquid in quarts and 55-gallon drums.

“This was a customer driven idea,” said Richard Nay Sr., president of the company, which is based in South Elgin, Ill. “Many bus, truck, trailer, and fire emergency vehicle manufacturers use our ECK coating to prevent dissimilar metal corrosion when assembling aluminum with stainless steel hardware. They identified a need to have the ECK product available when holes are being drilled and items such as antennas and lights are added by their dealers or customers.”

He said it makes sense for manufacturers to provide a small amount of the ECK coating for add-on items after manufacturing an expensive new vehicle.

ECK (Electrolysis Corrosion Kontrol) has been put into 3.75 ounce squeeze tubes intended to be included in kits of information that are usually provided to end users. “Being dielectric, ECK can be used on electrical connections to prevent corrosion from the harsh magnesium chloride (road ice chemicals) that much has been written about,” the company said.

The product is sold direct and is also distributed by Austin Hardware and Powerbrace Corporation in the U.S. and POMAR Hardware in Canada.

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