Paratech Develops Multi-Base For Versatility

The Multi-Base
The Multi-Base

Paratech Inc. has developed a Multi-Base for use in a wide array of vehicle stabilization and structural collapse scenarios.

The Multi-Base, according to the company, was designed to be four bases in one. Either of its two top points can be used as a cone base, and its angled center area as a V-base. In addition, its engineered deep-cut center slot can be used as a chain wedge, and its angled top shape can function as a corner base.

Paratech said its vehicle stabilization kits have the strength and flexibility to handle any size vehicle, from small cars to buses, trucks and locomotives. In addition, kit components are changeable with other Paratech equipment for building collapse and trench rescue scenarios.

The company’s standard vehicle stabilization kit has a maximum load capacity of 40,000 pounds. Its highway vehicle stabilization kit has a maximum load capacity of 80,000 pounds, and the capacity of its interstate/motorway kit is 120,000 pounds.

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