Ohio EMS Department Implements SafetyPAD System

MINNEAPOLIS, MN—OPEN Incorporated, makers of the SafetyPAD® suite of software products for fire and emergency medical services (EMS), announced its second implementation with a Hamilton County, Ohio, agency—Green Township.

“With departments like ours getting busier each year, it made perfect sense to adopt SafetyPAD in order to better serve our citizens,” says Chief Douglas Witsken, Green Township’s fire and EMS chief. “Not only do we anticipate providing better service to clients, but also adding the capability to lessen our administrative overhead and streamline emergency response processes.”

The agency services one of the top ten most densely populated areas in Ohio and provides a full range of services to more than 58,000 residents. Green Township Fire & EMS is one of the busiest suburban fire departments in Hamilton County, and has experienced an increase in emergency responses by nearly 100 percent since 1990. The agency will use SafetyPAD to enhance the accuracy of information gathering on emergency medical calls to empower first responders to focus more on the patients and less on the paperwork.

“Our past success in implementing SafetyPAD in Hamilton County was a key factor in Green Township Fire & EMS’ decision to do the same,” says Scott Streicher, director of operations for SafetyPAD. “SafetyPAD was able to present a hosted pricing model with all of the advanced features and system components found in higher volume agencies, giving these agencies the ability to take advantage of advances in electronic patient care reporting systems such as those offered by SafetyPAD.”

Through SafetyPAD’s Web-based enterprise reporting and CaseFlow modules, the software will provide detailed analysis of calls, procedures, status of report preparation, monitoring, and corrective action requirements as well as customizable reports to meet elected officials and the public’s need for information. The system’s Enterprise Agent module will allow near real-time information to be sent to key personnel in the event of catastrophic or widespread conditions occur that could affect the public’s need for medical response. The department will be able to provide rapid, appropriate and timely response based upon current conditions in the field.

For more information, visit www.safetypad.com.

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