NOTIFIER Enhances Incident Assessment

NOTIFIER by Honeywell has enhanced its ONYX FirstVision interactive touch screen display to provide first responders more conclusive, real-time information on emergency events.

A new “campus view” feature can display critical information from multiple fire alarm systems throughout a facility, campus and across the globe. When integrated with Honeywell’s Rapid Eye digital video recording (DVR) system, ONYX FirstVision provides live video of various building areas.

ONYX FirstVision is an emergency scene assessment tool used by first responders to determine the origin and migration of a fire, location of emergency alerts, potential hazards or areas of refuge within the affected areas.

Interactive floor-by-floor building layouts depicting activated fire alarm system components, water supplies, fire barriers, emergency shut-off valves and other site-specific details enable emergency officials to make fast, effective response plans.

Ideal for large universities, industrial facilities and healthcare complexes, ONYX FirstVision is typically placed in a security office, local dispatch center or other centralized location for easy access.

The ONYX FirstVision system was developed by NOTIFIER utilizing one-on-one feedback from firefighters, security personnel, emergency medical technicians, facility owners and managers and NOTIFIER distributors.

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