NJ Fire Chief Develops App for First Responders

MOUNTAIN LAKES, NJ—Mountain Lakes (NJ) Fire Chief John Reilly has developed a Web-based application to help inform firefighters and other first responders about emergency incidents.

The app, First Responder, uses technology such as info from global positioning systems (GPS) to alert responders about the location of calls, according to a report in the Daily Record (http://dailyre.co/wEBJ3H).

The app works thus: A firefighter gets an alert on his mobile device informing him of an incoming call. The firefighter can then indicate whether he’ll be able to make the call, and GPS tells the incident commander (IC) on the other end how much time it should take for the firefighter to arrive on scene. This way the IC gets an idea of how many firefighters will be available at a particular incident and how much time it will take them to respond. The app also helps locate the nearest hydrants at the scene.

For more information on the app, currently available for Android devices and Google Chrome, visit http://www.first-responder.com/home.

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