Mutualink Unveils Google Glass for Public Safety

WALLINGFORD, CT—Mutualink, Inc. has demonstrated real-time multimedia interoperability for public safety using Google Glass. The demonstration used Mutualink’s advanced interoperable communications platform, selectively and securely sharing two-way voice and video between command and control, partner agencies, and officers in the field with Google Glass. The technology interfaces with a FirstNet 4G LTE wireless broadband connection, demonstrating how critical multimedia information can be shared between public safety personnel in an emergency situation.

Through Google Glass’ onboard audio and microphone, video camera and built-in heads-up display, it is possible for a user—such as a police officer or firefighter—to use Google Glass to share live streaming video with other personnel and monitoring points, and simultaneously communicate with other partner agencies. Mutualink’s technology makes this possible even if the various parties have incompatible radio systems or other communications devices. Mutualink also enables multimedia file sharing, and when this is combined with Google Glass, first responders could receive and view documents, images and schematics in real time.

Examples of potential applications for this technology in the public safety arena include:

•    Firefighters reviewing the schematic of a building before entering and while navigating a burning structure
•    EMTs triaging patients at the scene of an accident with current medical records of victims
•    Police being able to watch video feed from school security cameras in real-time during an active shooter scenario.  

The technology is enabled through Mutualink’s secure and sovereign-controlled multimedia interoperability platform, which is unique in terms of protecting privacy and control. Mutualink’s system maintains privacy and does not permit sharing of any media resources unless the agency controlling the media resource accepts a request to share their information. All users manually control the sharing or un-sharing of their own media resources. Once disconnected, the session stops and there is no way for an outside party to access the media resources of others. There is no centralized intelligence monitoring point or cloud based big data repository with shared access vulnerabilities. Mutualink’s solution is distributed and retains both logical and physical sovereignty at an agency level.

With regard to privacy issues raised regarding Google Glass, Mutualink’s position is that Google Glass is no different from the many public and private surveillance systems already deployed that capture public activity.

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