Whitepaper Details How FirstNet Can Better Prepare the U.S. for Crisis Response

The United States has an opportunity to incorporate lessons learned from terrorist attacks worldwide into the ongoing development and deployment of FirstNet (First Responder Network Authority), according to a new whitepaper published by Mutualink. “Lessons Learned from Global Attacks: How FirstNet Can Better Prepare the U.S. for Crisis Response” can be downloaded here: http://mutualink.net/public-safety/firstnet/        

The whitepaper outlines recurring problems that have hindered law enforcement following crises around the globe and here at home, and presents solutions that can be addressed by FirstNet to better prepare and equip U.S. first responders for large-scale emergency scenarios.

Problems and Solutions Presented:

  • Secure, interoperable communications capabilities to improve collaboration among all entities involved with incident response – including police, fire, EMS, SWAT, FBI, hospitals, and others
  • A dedicated high-speed broadband network to avoid overcrowded cellular networks
  • Multimedia collaboration – including real-time video sharing – to improve situational awareness
  • Bridging silos that exist between public safety agencies to increase coordination and streamline response operations

“When terror strikes, an effective emergency response requires massive cooperation and information sharing among law enforcement agencies and federal, state and local agencies to eliminate the threat and minimize causalities. As FirstNet continues to move closer to nationwide implementation, let’s not squander the opportunity to learn from the tragedies that have preceded it,” the paper concludes.


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