Locution Systems Deploys CADVoice In Multiple Municipalities

Locution Systems, Inc., a provider of advanced, automated public safety dispatching, zoned dispatching and fire station alerting and control technology, made several announcements covering new implementations.

Indianapolis, Ind., Columbus, Ohio, Newark, N.J., the West Metro Fire Protection District in metropolitan Denver, Colo., Emergency Communications for Southwest British Columbia Incorporated (EComm) in Vancouver, B.C., City of Amarillo, Texas and Town of Palm Beach, Fla., all implemented version 5.10 of CADVoice automated 911 dispatching and fire alerting software – with system go-lives.

The City of Spokane, Wash. commissioned Locution to provide its CADVoice system to it as well as 19 other public safety agencies in Spokane County, including, Deer Park, Elk, Chattaroy, Riverside, Spangle, Waverly, Rockford, Airway Heights, Liberty Lake, City of Spokane Valley, Millwood, Cheney, Medical Lake, Newman Lake, Mica, Valleyford, Mead, Colbert and Nine Mile.

Locution’s CADVoice system is also being deployed at The City of Toronto, Canada, EMS (48 EMS stations); Hartford, New Britain and Bridgeport, Conn. (27 fire/EMS stations); Mobile, Ala. (22 fire/EMS stations); Lethbridge, Canada (four fire stations); New Albany, Ohio (12 fire stations); Town of Palm Beach, Fla. (3 fire stations); London, Canada (on-air, radio-only version of CADVoice); and Vancouver, Wash. (on-air, radio-only version of CADVoice).

The automated dispatching portion of the CADVoice system broadcasts an initial 911 dispatch in a clear, consistent, accent-neutral, female voice.

Benefits of the system include faster response times and reduced stress for dispatchers. For example, in many cases, automated dispatching saves from 20 seconds per call to more than three minutes per call during high call volumes or large-scale emergencies.

In addition, automating the dispatch process can ease the burden on 911 dispatchers who often are looking at two to three different computer screens at once, while they are also talking on the phone with a caller, providing emergency medical information and talking on tactical channels to emergency responders.

“The CADVoice automated dispatching and fire station alerting system has been serving small, medium, and large cities and counties throughout North America for 17 years,” said Glenn Neal, Locution Systems president, founder, and chief technology officer. “We look forward to helping our new customers implement these technologies to save lives and property, and help their dispatchers and first responders have healthier lives as well.”

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