Larson Electronics’ Magnalight Announces New Combination Mount LED Beacon

Larson Electronics’ Magnalight has announced the addition of a compact LED beacon light that provides a powerful signal and ultra-versatile mounting.

The Magnalight 9200-LED-S-M Sunction/Magnetic Mount Beacon has 32 LEDs for intense signal generation, and includes a combination suction cup/magnetic mount base for the most secure and versatile temporary mounting possible. Powered by a cigarette plug adapter and easily switched between mounting locations, this amber
LED beacon is ideal for security, law enforcement, utilities and commercial applications where a powerful but portable strobing beacon is needed.

Larson Electronics’ Magnalight Announces New Combination Mount LED BeaconThe Magnalight 9200-LED-S-M suction/magnetic mount beacon is a compact and portable signal light that provides the ability to mount the unit on smooth surfaces such as glass, as well as metallic surfaces such as vehicle roofs and equipment railings. Incorporating two 50 lbs grip magnets beneath two high strength suction cups, this light can be affixed to any smooth surface as well as ferrous metallic surfaces. Unlike other magnetic mount beacons that must have a ferrous metal to adhere to, this combination mount allows the user to also mount this unit on any smooth and flat surface including fiberglass, glass, and aluminum.

The magnetic mounts on this unit are also protected by felt to prevent the possibility of damaging vehicle finishes. 32 one watt LEDs provide 32 watts of signal power, generating an intense 10 joules per flash signal that is visible for extended distances, even in poor visibility conditions. This is a Class 1 beacon, signifying the brightest signal possible. An included 16 foot cord with inline switch and cigarette plug adapter allows the user to connect the unit to any equipment, vehicle, or boat equipped with a cigarette lighter socket and turn the unit on and off without unplugging. Because this unit uses LEDs, power draw is a low 2.7 amps on a 12 volt electrical system, allowing operators to run the unit for extended periods without the worry of rapidly draining batteries. This signal light with heavy duty construction, an amber protective lens, and water resistant housing makes this ideal for work or professional applications.

“This 9200-LED-S-M LED amber warning light combines low amp draw, 50,000 hour life hours and protected magnetic mount into an ideal alternative to standard strobes and rotating lights,” said Rob Bresnahan with Larson Electronics’ “LED light bars have proven to be the right choice for high vibration use on work vehicles, and the 9200-LED-S-M incorporates the latest LED technology for maximum visibility.”

About Magnalight by Larson Electronics

Magnalight by Larson Electronics manufactures and sells a comprehensive line of colored LED lights, LED strobe lights; portable LED lights, LED equipment lights, while continually expanding its extensive LED light inventory.

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