Kussmaul Releases New Product: Battery Saver Low Ripple HO

Kussmaul Electronics has recently announced the release of the Battery Saver Low Ripple HO.

The Model 091-195-12 is a power supply with a load transfer relay. Inputs are the +12 volts from the vehicle’s battery and 120 volts A.C. shore power. 

An MDT or computer may be connected to the output terminal. When shore power is applied a well-regulated switching power supply converts the 120 VAC to +12 VDC and a relay transfers the load from the battery to the power supply. 

This “BATTERY SAVER” provides low ripple D.C. power to ensure no interference while powering sensitive electronic equipment.

Download the complete data sheet about this product HERE

Go to the Kussmaul website at

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