Kussmaul Electronics Company Develops New Alarm

Kussmaul Electronics Company has developed an alarm controller that signals high amperage, low oil pressure, open compartments and other vehicle information that the operator needs to know.

The controller has three input logic that runs in an “and/or” sequence and maintains isolation between the inputs.

Called the Model 091-158 logic module, it functions in a variety of alarm or control applications, according to the maker. Other controllers often require an alarm activated by either of two or three separate inputs which represents the “or” connection.

In other applications, the alarm must be activated only when two or three separate inputs are present simultaneously which represents the “and” connection.

Kussmaul’s controller is a versatile module that accepts either 12-volt signals or grounding signals. The inputs are completely isolated from each other. A simple wiring connection permits the three input device to function with only two inputs, according to the maker.

The logic module can also be used for time delays to implement a wide variety of alarm sequences. The output can be used to power an alarm horn or other warning device.

Kussmaul Electronics, based in West Sayville, N.Y., manufacturers a complete line of automatic battery chargers electrical and air disconnects, sequencers and load managers as wells as other electrical apparatus specifically for fire trucks, ambulances and other emergency vehicles.

For information call 800-346-0857 or go to www.kussmaul.com.

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