Kussmaul Auxiliary Battery System

Kussmaul’s ADD-A-BAT
Kussmaul’s ADD-A-BAT

The new ADD-A-BAT (Model 091-171) by Kussmaul Electronics addresses the problem of vehicle battery systems with insufficient reserve capacity. The device adds an auxiliary battery to a system overloaded with accessories and also supplies a battery charger. 

Large accessory loads can drain a battery and cause vehicle starting problems. ADD-A-BAT contains a power contactor to connect the auxiliary battery to the primary battery whenever the engine is running, charging both batteries each time the engine is on. 

When the engine is not running, a contactor opens the circuit to isolate the batteries, preventing accessories from discharging the main battery. A charger in the ADD-A-BAT recharges both batteries whenever the vehicle is plugged into a 120-volt power source.

Kussmaul Electronics, headquartered in New York, manufactures a complete line of automatic battery chargers, electrical and air disconnects, sequencers and load managers specific to fire trucks, ambulances and emergency vehicles. 

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