Kochek Makes Storz Hydrant Converter

Kochek Co. is announcing an innovation in Storz hydrant conversions: a cap with an integrated hydrant nut. Designed to save precious seconds in critical situations, the nut on the new cap is identical to those found on existing threaded hydrants.

Storz is a two-way connection, sometimes called a “sexless coupling.” Rather than joining male and female ends connected by screw threads, identical ends can be joined to any other end of the same size. The feature is named for Carl Storz, who invented it in 1882.

Standard Storz hydrant converters require the use of a Storz wrench to open and close the converter. The Kochek hydrant converter eliminates the need for that additional wrench, so fire departments can use the same wrench they have always used on hydrants.

Storz hydrants, with their quarter-turn connect/disconnects, are replacing older threaded-style hydrants because quick connections are critical in saving lives and property. With insurance companies and the federal Department of Homeland Security encouraging interoperable fire equipment, Kochek said communities are converting existing hydrants to the industry-standard Storz connection. The conversion allows departments to assist each other in emergencies, and is less costly than complete hydrant replacement, the company said.

The hydrant conversion process, a 10-minute field retro-fit, replaces threaded fire hydrant connections with quarter-turn Storz connections. “After converting, fire departments can quickly attach Storz equipment directly to the hydrant without the use of an adapter,” said Doug Bonney, Kochek’s director of outside sales.

The company offers Storz converters and caps in many colors, including reflective powder coat, and provides custom laser engraving to suit local requirements.

For more information go to www.kochek.com.

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