Kochek Color-Coding Improves Safety

Kochek’s new color-coded valve handles and gate bodies
Kochek’s new color-coded valve handles and gate bodies.

Kochek now offers color-coded gate valve bodies and valve handles to improve visual line identification for greater coordination and safety. Complete product specifications are viewable on the company’s Web site. 

Kochek manufactures a complete line of powder-coated large diameter hose (LDH) appliances. Each is fitted to customer specifications with color-coded handles on new valves or handles only to retrofit existing valves. The company also offers custom color-coded gate valves.

Kochek, based in Putnam, Conn., specializes in PVC lightweight suction hose along with strainers, dry hydrants, elbows, adapters, caps, plugs and valves. For information, call 800-420-4673 or go to www.kochek.com.

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