JVCKENWOOD to Acquire DMR Developer Radio Activity S.r.l


In January 2018, JVCKENWOOD Corporation has announced plans to acquire Radio Activity S.r.l. (Radio Activity), a technology company based in Milan, Italy, that develops relay systems compatible with DMR-compliant digital radio systems. Radio Activity is recognized for their technological capabilities and expertise, particularly in building simulcast networks. With this action, Radio Activity will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of JVCKENWOOD.

“This acquisition further supports our expansion in DMR digital radio system solutions,” said Mark Jasin, Executive VP, JVCKENWOOD USA Corp. “As more users turn to digital radio technology, particularly in private radio enterprise segments where spectrum is constrained, Tier III trunking and simulcast provide a necessary option for wide area coverage required by utilities, manufacturing and other industrial users. This acquisition of advanced DMR technology blended into our digital portfolio of NEXEDGE®-NXDN®, P25, and LTE positions JVCKENWOOD as the worldwide leader of digital communications solutions for enterprise and public safety.”

JVCKENWOOD Corp. manufactures analog and digital two-way radios, including P25 compliant and NEXEDGE radios that use the NXDN protocol. Kenwood provides complete turnkey system solutions for the utility, public safety, government, education, healthcare, and business and industrial markets. For detailed information, visit us at comms.kenwood.com or call JVCKENWOOD USA at 1-800-950-5005.

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