INDUSTRY INNOVATIONS: Videx Introduces CyberKey Vault

Videx Single Vault
Videx Single Vault

Videx introduced its CyberKey Vault single electronic key cabinet that allows access and key control.

One electronic key can be docked in the vault. A radio-frequency identification (RFID) card must be presented to open the vault and request the electronic key. The released key contains access permissions specific only to that person. The system knows what locks that person may open and when.

The electronic key can be shared by any number of employees, shift-to-shift. Management can issue one RFID card to each authorized employee. The vault recognizes what access permissions are to be programmed into the key by the person’s RFID card. When the key is returned to the vault, the administrator receives feedback about when the electronic key was released, what locks the key opened and an email notification if someone forgets to return the key.

Mechanical keys can be attached to the electronic key for safekeeping and use. By extension, a company not only has control over who uses its mechanical keys, but the vault reports when and to whom the mechanical keys were released and later returned to the vault.

When an employee returns an electronic key to the vault, an audit report of his entire key activity, including exceptions such as unauthorized attempts to enter, is automatically sent to management. As soon as the vault reports back to management, the key’s memory is cleared. It remains in an unprogrammed state until another authorized employee presents the required RFID card.

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