Tools and PPE using Foxfire Glow technology
Tools and PPE using Foxfire Glow technology

MN8 Products announced its Foxfire product line, featuring Glow Technology illuminating coating (paint) kits and helmet bands that allows firefighters to be visibly located and find tools in zero light environments while providing illumination to the surrounding area.

The Foxfire line of products provides visual orientation in no or low light environments, assists firefighters in finding tools and gear and illuminates surroundings. Current products include:

  • All-In-One Illuminating Coating Kit, which contains everything needed to make tools, hydrants, ladders, floors and concrete curbs illuminate their surroundings. The kit contains a two part epoxy, primer, mixing and application tools.
  • Illuminating Helmet Bands, made of industrial grade high temperature resistant silicone, designed to handle the heat and rigors of firefighting. The bands illuminate the surrounding area and enable firefighters to keep track of their crews.

Foxfire’s technology was developed using a new photoluminescent pigment combined with a specialized epoxy paint product. Equipment and tools painted with Foxfire technology will illuminate surroundings for up to 17 hours when fully charged.


Foxfire products can be charged by any type of light condition and can withstand the high temperatures associated with firefighting. Tools and equipment coated with Foxfire can be charged repeatedly.

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