INDUSTRY INNOVATIONS: Gore Develops Two-Layer CROSSTECH Moisture Barrier

W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc., introduced a new member of its family of CROSSTECH moisture barriers at the Fire Department Instructors Conference trade show in Indianapolis in April.

Combining its extensive expertise in moisture barrier technology with its latest developments in durable, breathable fabrics for use in military protective clothing, Gore said it has engineered a new two-layer CROSSTECH black moisture barrier.

The company said the new product maintains the same high level of breathability as the original CROSSTECH moisture barrier, with the benefit of more durable performance relative to the National Fire Protection Association’s 1851 protective ensemble standard as demonstrated in recent field trials.

The new barrier includes a warranty covering labor and materials for repairs of normal wear and tear through three years or the first complete liner inspection done in accord with NFPA 1851 (up to 3.5 years from the date of manufacture).

“This new product, which brings our most recent membrane developments into today’s turnout gear, is a highly durable, two-layer moisture barrier that withstands extended heat exposure without compromising the great breathability that has made CROSSTECH products the choice of departments throughout North America,” said Holly Blake, Gore’s North American product specialist for structural moisture barriers. “Fire departments have different needs, and at Gore, we want to ensure that we have a full line of products that span the range of durability, breathability, performance, and value.”

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