INDUSTRY INNOVATIONS: FoxFury Announces Discover Tasker-Fire Helmet Light

The Discover Tasker-Firehelmet light
The Discover Tasker-Firehelmet light

FoxFury announced the 100-lumen Discover Tasker-Fire helmet light made of aircraft-grade aluminum.

The Discover uses high-powered CREE LEDs and has low and high light intensities. Its wider beam provides focused, peripheral and distance light to provide panoramic vision.

The light is intended for helmet use only – including fire and ballistic helmets, hard hats and other types of safety headwear (from recreational to industrial).

The light runs on four AA batteries and includes a rear safety LED (flashing red) on the battery pack, allowing the user to be seen from behind.

It meets current National Fire Protection Association fire resistant requirements and is waterproof to 10 feet, according to the company. Covered by a two-year warranty, it features a removable (and easily replaceable) polycarbonate lens cover.

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