Flo-tech's PFM Tester
Flo-tech’s PFM Tester

The PFM Tester Series, by Flo-tech, for mobile hydraulic equipment, now features an internal safety pressure relief disc or “burst disc.”

The company said the new design ensures that in the event of over pressurization, fluid is safely allowed to bypass the load valve and remain within the hydraulic system. No fluids will escape outside of the tester, according to the company, and the internal burst disc is field-replaceable should an over pressurization occur.

The PFM Tester uses a turbine rotor and a magnetic pick-up to measure flow rates by measuring the frequency pulse output from the rotor. Volumetric flow rate is displayed on an LCD or sent via digital output to a PC.

The PFM Series provides reliable readings with an accuracy of 1 percent of full scale and a repeatability of 0.2 percent, the company said. Temperature is measured via internal sensor, and pressure is measured via analog gauge or high-sensitivity digital sensor. All testers have loading valves with fingertip control and pressure surge protection.

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