Houdini Develops Emergency Rescue Tool

Houdini Pro emergency rescue tool
Houdini Pro emergency rescue tool

Houdini Inc., has developed an emergency automotive escape and rescue tool called the Houdini Pro designed to break safe glass and cut seatbelts.

The tool features a spring-loaded tempered glass punch, a retractable seatbelt cutter hook that allows the user to cut belts in virtually any position and a LED 5-lumens flashlight powered by two lithium batteries with 10 hours of runtime.

To use the glass punch, the user places it against a side window surface and pushes on the tool. compressing the window breaking mechanism until the glass shatters.

The seatbelt cutter consists of a hook with a sharpened blade edge that cuts material with a single continuous motion. The blade is designed to cut non-metallic, fibrous or pliable material, like seatbelts, 3/8-inch rope, webbing and clothing. The user may strop the edge angle with a leather cord or cotton cord and polishing rouge.

The Houdini Pro emergency escape tool is warranted for life against defects in materials and workmanship by the manufacturer, located in Wilsonville, Ore.

For information call 866-927-2280 or go to www.houdinitool.com.

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