Hitech Systems Moves to Industry Council Board

Washington, D.C. — The Industry Council for Emergency Response Technologies (iCERT) announced that long-time member Hitech Systems (www.hitech.com), a technology company that specializes in building solutions for the law enforcement and emergency-response industry, has joined the Industry Council’s Board of Directors.

“We at Hitech believe that it’s not just our job to supply public safety organizations with the best technology, but also to be there to make sure that the technology works when it is needed,” Hitech Systems President and Owner Henry Unger said. “We’ve moved from our long-tenured standing as a general member to that of board member because we know that we can continue to help iCERT deliver on its own promise to be of service to the industry and to the public.”

“A founding premise for iCERT is that industry leaders provide ongoing and critical insights for the field of public safety and emergency response technologies. Establishing, maintaining and growing relationships among key company leaders—the members of our association—where issues are discussed and advanced is a critical aspect of today’s technology and policy development setting,
noted Kevin Murray, President and CEO of Mission Critical Partners and Chairman of the Industry Council.

From 9-1-1 call centers to records management, every aspect of public safety is managed by software systems that not only need to work 100 percent of the time but also must integrate seamlessly with one another. Hitech Systems’ SafetyNet suite of platform-independent products makes this possible for local, state, and federal agencies. The company delivers customization options that give users the confidence to install, implement, tailor, and deploy SafetyNet year after year.

“With years of industry insights, Mr. Unger will provide unique perspectives on using technology to advance public safety,” said iCERT Executive Director, George Rice. “We are quite pleased that Hitech Systems has joined the Board of Directors for the Industry Council, and we look forward to their participation in our important and ongoing dialogue on emergency communications.”

Find out more at www.theindustrycouncil.org.

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