Hendrickson Introduces HN FR Series

Hendrickson’s new HN FR Series offers a full range of rubber suspensions for the fire and rescue industry. Tandem capacities range from 42,000 to 58,000 pounds. 

The suspension system utilizes a VariRate spring to balance empty-ride quality and loaded stability. Diagonally-mounted rubber bolster springs act in compression and shear to dissipate road shock. Extra-wide spring centers and Hytrel auxiliary springs provide stability for high-center-of-gravity applications and emergency driving conditions. 

The system can be fine-tuned to meet the unique needs of particular fire and rescue vehicle applications. The HN FR series utilizes a walking-beam design that equalizes vehicle load over both axles by allowing the wheels to adjust to uneven terrain through a central pivot point. No lubrication requirements and the elimination of center beam bushings make the system virtually maintenance-free, the company reports. 

Headquartered in Itasca, Ill., Hendrickson, a subsidiary of Boler, has served the transportation industry for 95 years. For information, go to www.hendrickson-intl.com or contact Hendrickson Truck Systems Group at 630-910-2800.

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