Grote Industries has introduced a new lamp

Grote Industries has introduced a 12-volt version of its S100 LED WhiteLight surface-mount dome lamp. A 24-volt version was released in Europe last September as the world’s first motion-activated dome lamp. 

Both lights eliminate the need for on-off switches and their associated parts. “Hunting for a switch can now be a thing of the past,” said Mike Grote, business development manager. “We’ve eliminated the switch and, with it, the related installation, loose wire and corrosion issues.”

Like its 24-volt cousin, the 12-volt lamp is activated through a passive infrared motion sensor located in the lamp body. The sensor is calibrated to recognize the heat signature unique to humans. When it detects movement by a person within six feet, the lamp turns on, remaining on for three minutes after the last motion is detected.

The lights are a slim 15 millimeters to reduce the chance of objects hitting them. Both generate a 300-lumen output with low amperage draw and minimal heat generation.

Grote said the lamps can be used in moving trucks, dry vans, and utility or delivery vehicles, but does not recommend them for refrigerated environments. A new motion-activated light designed for refrigerated applications is in testing.

Grote Industries, a family-owned company, makes and markets products for vehicle safety systems.

For more information, go to Reference numbers are 61411 for the 12-volt light and 61421 for the 24-volt light. 

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