GORE CHEMPAK Fabric Selected for Response Suit

The XRT Response Suit
The XRT Response Suit

GORE CHEMPAK selectively permeable fabric has been chosen as the chemical barrier for a National Fire Protection Association-certified WZ9435 XRT Response Suit made by Blauer Manufacturing.

The suit is a single-piece coverall that does not require taping. Professionals may remain deployed wearing it for up to eight hours. 

CHEMPAK is the first breathable CBRN barrier that is component-recognized to the NFPA Standard 1994 Class 3, said Steve Lampo, a chem-bio product specialist with GORE. 

The fabric provides protection against NFPA-identified hazards, plus toxic industrial chemicals and chemical warfare agents. By allowing moisture vapor from perspiration to escape from the garment, the material reduces heat stress and increases comfort, he said.  

The suit is a single-mission coverall that can be donned and doffed multiple times in the event of false alarms. GORE engineered the fabric with a stable, non-carbon-based membrane that does not absorb chemicals or degrade over time, giving the suit a longer out-of-bag service life than carbon-based suits, according to the company. 

GORE, based in Newark, Del., produces barrier products for use in firefighting, EMS, technical rescue, law enforcement, military and domestic preparedness applications. 

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