Genesis Tool Designed To Cut Boron Steel

Genesis C231 Cutter Fire Apparatus
American Rescue Technologies has developed a new cutter with a maximum cutting force of 231,000 pounds.

American Rescue Technology has developed what it claims is the most powerful extrication cutter in the world, the Genesis C231, with a maximum cutting force of 231,000 pounds.

The new Genesis tool has a National Fire Protection Association level rating of A8/B9/C7/D9/E9, according to the maker.

With a 6.5-inch blade opening, the C231 can make deep relief cuts and heavy structural cuts, even through the strongest Boron steel, found in many vehicles.

According to American Rescue Technology, the Genesis C231 cutter comes standard with the safety and comfort features common to all Genesis tools.

The C231 cutter is constructed of high-strength, aircraft-grade aluminum alloy forgings with a wear-resistant anodized finish, according to the maker. Its blades are forged steel and it has a D-handle that can be rotated 360 degrees, or removed, when working in confined spaces. According to the maker, rotating the handle allows the cutter to be used in any position and many experienced extrication personnel keep the handle slightly loose, routinely adjusting the handle position throughout a rescue operation.

One of the most beneficial features of the C231 cutter is its push-button variable speed control, which allows the cutter to be feathered. This feature controls the cutter speed when opening and closing. It is fitted with a guard to protect the rescuer’s hands from obstructions as well as to protect the connecting hoses of the tool.

Another feature is its over-pressurization relief valve. If the couplers have not been properly engaged, or there is blockage in the return line, preventing the fluid flow back to the unit, a relief in the control handle automatically releases fluid. This causes a low-pressure fluid leak from the hole between the hoses. The power unit is switched to the neutral position and the couplings can be reconnected, or the blockage removed.

Other tools without this feature can literally explode.

According to manufacturer’s specifications, the new cutter weighs 41.7 pounds and operates at a maximum psi of 10,500 pounds.

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