Firovac Receives Patent

Firovac, the manufacturer of vacuum tankers based in Apple Creek, Ohio, has received a patent for its floating low flow strainer with detachable pan.

The strainer was developed to accommodate the large volume of water which Firovac is capable of drafting and discharging at rates up to 1,500 gpm drafting and 2,000 gpm discharging.

Because of Firovac’s ability to draft water from previously unusable water sources outside a hydrant system, a special strainer was also needed, according to the maker.

A detachable pan was designed to add to the versatility of this strainer. With the pan in place, the strainer can be set on a stable bottom surface of a shallow water source& 8194;and draft water.& 8194;

Firovac makes vacuum apparatus so any air leak that may occur in using shallow water sources will not make it lose prime, according to the manufacturer.

With the pan in place the strainer can draft from a pond or deeper body of water that has surface vegetation and not draw the vegetation into the strainer.

With the pan removed, the strainer will function as any other strainer, but will allow a larger volume of water to be drafted.

To prevent corrosion and to reduce weight, the Firovac strainer and pan are constructed of aluminum. The strainer also uses a quick couple fitting, but it is compatible with any fitting available.

Firovac, a division of Reberland Equipment, is the originator of vacuum fire apparatus designed specifically for the fire service, having made it first for the New Pittsburg, Ohio Fire Department in 1984.

According to the company founder, owner and CEO, Larry Reber, one Firovac apparatus can supply more water than two “conventional” tankers of equal size, plus it doesn’t need an external load source – it loads itself.

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