FireTalk Helmet Set Aids Firefighter Communications

Especially in Southern Europe, the summer is also peak season for forest fires. Lack of rainfall, hot temperatures and careless hikers or campers, handling with campfires in the woods, increases the danger of forest fires dramatically in the middle of each year. Even the smallest spark can ignite dry branches immediately, while the wind is doing to the rest to produces a large forest fire that threatens to spill over to other forests. Now, quick action of fire services is required and effective communication plays an essential role, too.

Especially in very hot and forested regions, where firefighters already gained a lot of experience with seasonal forest fires, you find well-trained specialists in the field of fighting against forest fires, often equipped with suitable device such as fire-fighting planes and helicopters. To gain control over forest fires every second counts, because at any time, the fire can flash over into another forest or even into a town. This is why it is crucial to coordinate the tasks and application fields of each firefighter, from smoke divers on the ground to pilots in the air.

With the helmet set FireTalk, Imtradex, the specialist for hear-/ talk systems, offers a special communication solution for fire brigades, which – tailored to those needs – ensures reliable communication, between the different forces. The FireTalk is characterized by its robustness and consists of a waterproof electret gooseneck microphone, as well as a splash-proof and shock-resistant PTT button. “The cylindrical design in which speaker and microphone form one unit is particularly suitable for use with fire helmets” said Mathias Iser, Technical Director of Imtradex Hör-/Sprechsysteme GmbH. (

Furthermore, the universal communication unit “FireTalk” can easily be adapted to almost any kind of fire helmet. The fixation is quick and easy. Simply add a helmet-specific adaptor to your helmet and once it is fixed there, stuck the acoustic tube inside the adaptor and the FireTalk is ready for use. This adaptor system furthermore allows handing over the FireTalk from one use to another within seconds. “This is a most useful feature for fire departments and adds value to the FireTalk in order to meet requirements of usability,” said Mathias Iser. With 130 grams, the FireTalk is rather lightweight and does not load additional weight on already heavy loaded firefighters already facing a difficult terrain when fighting against forest fires.

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