Firecom Introduces ComCare™ Extended Service Programs

Firecom, the leader in rugged and reliable team communication solutions for fire fighters and first responders, today announced the immediate availability of its ComCare™ Service Programs, which provide additional service, support and extended warranty coverage of up to five years on primary communication system products. The new program covers communication headsets, intercoms and wireless base stations for Firecom products, including its fire headsets and EMS headsets.

“ComCare extends far beyond our industry-leading warranty coverage with up to five years of enhanced services and support, allowing our customers to focus on their life-saving work without worrying about equipment failure,” said Reed Stager, executive vice president. “Our outstanding product quality enables us to stand with our customers in protecting their systems for up to five times longer than our competition and respond to our customers’ interests in worry-free extended support of their wired and wireless team communication systems.”

ComCare services are available with two levels of support for three, four, or five years from date of purchase. Customers can choose to receive immediate technical support with expedited repair service – as quick as two days – and overnight return shipping to the customer in the United States or accelerated services that provide a fast and economical five-day repair and two-day freight-return option. Services and support are guaranteed to use manufacturer-certified service and parts, protect against repair or freight price increases and deliver unparalleled turnaround time to reduce any potential downtime for customers. In most cases, ComCare services will be far faster and cost less than even the cost of one non-warranty repair.

Firecom can be reached at 800-527-0555.

About Firecom
Firecom has been a leading worldwide supplier of rugged and reliable team communication systems for challenging environments for more than twenty years. Firecom is a division of Sonetics Corporation, which provides customers with trusted and proven team communication solutions for general aviation, military operations, fire and rescue, emergency response, marine applications, public safety, public works, construction and other highly demanding work environments. Visit for more information.

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