Fire Stations Alerted Using Locution Systems CADVoice®

GOLDEN, CO—Locution Systems, Inc., which offers the CADVoice® fire station alerting and automated 911 dispatching system for fire and EMS departments, and the City of Roanoke, Virginia announced that deployment of Locution System’s CADVoice® fire station alerting and automated dispatching system has been completed for all 16 fire stations operated by the City of Roanoke, Virginia.

Locution Systems’ CADVoice® fire station alerting and automated dispatching system will be running in Roanoke’s 16 fire stations, as well as over the radio system. The City of Roanoke also implemented specific fire station alerting technologies in the fire stations to speed up response times, including unit status indicator devices (which provide color-coded, at-a-glance information about which fire-EMS unit is being dispatched for an emergency), and LED reader boards which are programmed to display unit status  (whether a fire-EMS unit is available in quarters, on a call, etc.), and dispatch information as 911 calls come through specific stations.

The purpose of implementing Locution Systems’ automated dispatching & fire station alerting system is three-fold:

  1. Faster Reaction Times  CADVoice® helps speed up reaction times to fires and  medical emergencies.
  2. Reduced Stress for 911 Dispatchers  CADVoice® reduces stress for the 911 dispatching staff by allowing the current staff to easily handle more call volume.
  3. Reduced Stress For First Responders  Locution Systems’ array of modular fire station alerting technologies can reduce stress and sleep deprivation for first responders.

The automated 911 dispatching portion of the CADVoice® system automatically creates and sends a clear, accent-neutral dispatch announcement about a fire or medical emergency to designated fire rescue and emergency medical stations and/or rescue units in the field

This announcement is created when 911 dispatchers have reviewed and approved the emergency information generated by the emergency communications center’s Computer-aided Dispatch (CAD) system.  The CADVoice® automated dispatch (assembled and spoken by the computer) is sent to the designated rescue units that will respond to the fire, accident, or medical emergency – and tells them the nature and location of the emergency, as well as which crews are assigned to respond.

This process typically happens in milliseconds, and is spoken in a clear, consistent, accent-neutral voice generated by the computer.  The automated dispatching portion of the CADVoice® fire station alerting system is based on a real human voice of a professional voice talent and, thus, sounds very natural.

Simultaneous with the CADVoice® dispatch announcement at the designated fire station, the system also can automatically activate alarms and display status information on display devices in the fire station, activate garage bay doors, and more.

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