FDNY Buys Masimo Pulse CO-Oximeters

The Fire Department of New York City has purchased 86 Masimo Rad-57 Pulse CO-Oximeters as part of its initiative to “improve the survivability of firefighters and victims suffering from carbon monoxide toxicity.”

The purchase is the single largest first responder deployment of Rad-57s, making FDNY the biggest fire department in the U.S. with a companywide program for noninvasive carbon monoxide monitoring.

The Masimo Rad-57 Pulse CO-Oximeter enables first responders to quickly, accurately and non-invasively detect carbon monoxide poisoning on the scene. FDNY put its units to work throughout the five boroughs of the city, on all 35 of its ambulances, supervisor units and major emergency response vehicles.

FDNY is the largest combined fire and EMS provider in the U.S. With more than 11,000 firefighters and 3,000 EMTs and paramedics, the department provides fire protection, emergency rescue and hazard first response services for more than 8 million citizens in an area of 320-plus square miles. FDNY responds to over 990,000 fire calls and more than 1.3 million EMS calls each year.

Founded in 1989, Masimo develops innovative monitoring technologies to improve patient care. For information, go to www.masimo.com.

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