Environics Handheld Detector Is Easy To Use

ChemProTM100 by Environics

ChemProTM100 by Environics

The ChemProTM100 by Environics is a handheld detector for the field detection and classification of chemical warfare agents and toxic industrial chemicals.

It is styled for sensitivity, false alarm rejection, ease of use and a non-threatening design that won’t alarm civilians. 

The unit uses third-generation open-loop ion mobility spectroscopy technology, part of an orthogonal suite of sensors for greater sensitivity with fewer false alarms. It has the lowest life-cycle cost and logistics requirements in its class and is up to 27 times cheaper
than comparable CWA/TIC detectors, according to the company. 

The detector can be stored indefinitely because it does not need to run once a month to maintain operability. It is as easy to use as a cell phone, reports the manufacturer. Environics, with 
U.S.A. headquarters in Abingdon, Md., makes gas and vapor-detection products along with turn-key CBRN detection networks for civilian and military defense. 

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