Emergency Reporting to Provide Microsoft Azure Gov-Hosted Fire and EMS Records Management and Prevention Software to All United States Army Bases

Emergency Reporting

Emergency Reporting (ER), the leading cloud-based reporting and records management software (RMS) for Fire and EMS agencies, recently announced that in collaboration with E-9 Corporation (E-9), the company has been awarded an enterprise contract with the United States Army.

Under the contract, ER will expand its current support of the U.S. Army fire departments to include all Army fire departments, both CONUS and OCONUS, identified within the award. ER will provide its comprehensive records management solution and E-9 will provide DoD cyber-security Risk Management Framework (RMF) assessment as well as program and contract oversight. ER’s DoD F&ES solution is currently deployed within the DoD certified Microsoft Azure Government environment. This will provide ultra-secure NFIRS-compliant incident reporting and data management to all designated Army locations.

ER will utilize Microsoft’s Azure Government as the cloud platform for our federal SaaS for the security received and the inherited ‘highest levels of compliance’ critical when handling data for a customer such as Army.

In addition to data management, ER will provide tools that enable firefighters and EMS personnel to create emergency preplans relating to fires and emergency medical incidents. The comprehensive ER Federal Package includes all functional requirements needed to effectively schedule personnel, manage assets and inventory, comply with national safety standards (NFPA, NFIRS, NEMSIS, and HIPAA), and export valuable reports that ultimately enhance the safety of communities and those who serve them.

The U.S. Army award also includes ER Vision Risk Assessment software, which allows departments to analyze and categorize risks present in their geographical area, compare data to other departments nationwide, and generate an Occupancy Vulnerability Assessment Profile (OVAP) score for all buildings on or around base.

“We are deeply honored to expand upon our many years of successful support for the U.S. Army by having been selected as the enterprise RMS provider,” says Dave Adams, Co-founder and Sr. Director of Business Development at Emergency Reporting. “As a trusted Fire/EMS RMS provider for several U.S. Department of Defense installations and many other Federal agencies, we understand the importance of their Force Protection and Emergency Management missions. ER has invested heavily in a world- class team of system administrators and information security professionals who are charged with managing our systems to obtain and maintain Federal and DoD cybersecurity compliance.”

“I, as well as many of our staff who have served our country, are extremely proud to be a big part of this U.S. Army-wide effort. All of us at E-9 Corporation are honored to have been selected by the U.S. Army to provide these mission-critical life safety F&ES applications in partnership with Emergency Reporting,” says John Plott, Founder and CEO of E-9 Corporation.

Like all of its other civilian fire departments, the ER Federal solution also complies with nationally recognized data collection standards, such as NFIRS, NEMSIS, HIPAA, and the NFPA. These organizations each have different goals, but all contribute to collecting information that helps agency leaders make data-driven decisions to improve the safety and health of communities.

For more information about Emergency Reporting’s software for Federal agencies, visit https://explore.emergencyreporting.com/product/dod/.


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