Elliott Event Manager Solution Completes FEMA Evaluation

Elliott Data Systems recently participated in a Federal Emergency Management Agency-sponsored evaluation for its Emergency Event Manager Solution (EEMS). The objective was to determine how well the product incorporates FEMA’s National Incident Management System concepts and principles. 

The product is designed to assist fire departments with personnel and volunteer management at an emergency scene. The software allows departments to share information on a local, regional, state or national level. Data can be backed up with a one-click button. Personnel can run reports for federal reimbursement and manage assets onsite. Information is viewed in real time and can be Web accessed remotely. The product can be tailored to meet unique department requirements. 

The EEMS may be housed in a mobile unit to track personnel and assets, issue credentials and manage information on-site at an emergency scene. According to the NIMS report, “The system is consistent with all NIMS criteria.”

Elliott Data Systems is a mobile solutions systems developer and identity solutions provider. To read the evaluation report, go to www.elliottdata.com.

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