Elkhart Brass Unibody Electric Actuators

Elkhart Brass has launched the E3F and E4F Unibody electric actuators, the first major extension of the Unibody product line since its introduction two years ago, according to the company.

The actuators feature microprocessor controls embedded in valves. This frees up more control systems for use by apparatus designers, allowing for greater configuration possibilities, the company said.

Both actuators interface with any existing Elkhart UBEC or ICS controller in a retrofit capacity. The E3F is utilized for valve control only, while the E4F also includes flow and pressure sensor provisions. With both actuators, Elkhart said all functions can be broadcast and controlled across a two-wire network interfaced with the existing apparatus CAN-bus, eliminating wiring harnesses and third-party interface systems. 

All electronic components are sealed in potting compound to eliminate potential leak paths. Electric motors and gears are rated for 50,000 or more full-load cycles. 

Elkhart Brass has been owned and operated by the same family since its founding in 1902. 

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