Dräger Earns NFPA 1801 Compliance for UCF Thermal Imaging Cameras

PITTSBURGH, PA—Dräger recently announced that it has secured National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) compliance for its standard-resolution UCF 6000 and UCF 7000 thermal imaging cameras. The company is also introducing a new, NFPA-compliant addition to its product line, the UCF 8000. Dräger’s UCF 9000 thermal imaging camera received NFPA compliance in December 2012.

To be compliant with the NFPA 1801, it must meet rigorous requirements for durability, while maintaining a consistent, high level of image quality.

The Dräger UCF 6000 and UCF 7000 offer excellent image quality under the most extreme conditions, with true one-hand operation, laser pointers for better localization, and a snapshot function for freeze-framing of difficult areas.

The UCF 7000 also features 2x zoom capabilities, video and sound recording functions, and the ability to capture and record individual images.

The newest addition to the Dräger thermal imaging camera family, the UCF 8000, offers all of the features and benefits of the UCF 7000, plus 44 percent more detail with 384 x 288 pixel resolution. The advanced imaging capabilities of the UCF 8000 make it possible for firefighters to optimize the image display of the camera for the specific task at hand. For example, the camera’s display can be optimized for finding individuals or sources of heat.

The Dräger UCF 8000 features three operating modes: Fire (firefighting), Persons (search and rescue), and ThermalScan (searching for hotspots) to provide firefighters with better insights into any situation. Even in conditions where fire, smoke, or darkness make visibility extremely limited and navigation difficult, the UCF 8000 enables firefighters to scan rooms and the surrounding vicinity quickly and safely.

All Dräger UCF thermal imaging cameras are approved for use in potentially explosive atmospheres and are UL-approved Class 1 Division 2.

For more information, visit www.draeger.com/fire.

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